Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Magnetic Loop for Shortwave Receiving

DRM AIR +6100 KHz Shortwave receiving Magnetic loop antenna for 80m to 20m band

This is my trial during year 2015 to receive All India Radio DRM signal from Delhi, India. I'm located south India which is 3600Km far. The actual DRM on 6100KHz is transmit to cover 80Km surrounding Delhi. I made a simple Magnetic loop to get signal from that far. It was a huge seccess. Since i'm using magnetic loop the noise level was very low, and i can null alomost to zero. Below you can find the pictures of my AIR DRM 6100KHz.

I used old Oats container filled with sand on it as a post support. 3/4" PVC pipe, inside is a house electric wiring wire (3-20swg wire). Its about 3feet diameter. The outer loop is connected with a 365pF broadcast set variable capacitor. Inner loop is 1/2 feet dia. I used the same wire.

The radio Redsun (Kaito) RP-2100 comes with a IF out. I made a small converter to convert the RF to AF. Its inside the small black color box.

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