ATTiny13 Keyer

ATTiny13 Keyer

A Simple ATTiny13 Keyer / Paddle Keyer / Electronic Keyer


  •     Selectable IAMBIC Mode A. B or Single handle key
  •     Adjustable WPM using potentiometer (fixed to 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40 wpm)
  •     Twin-T Sine wave tone oscillator, a very pleasant tone for your ear
  •     Very small code size, 216 bytes
  •     Easy to customize or automate for beacons
  •     On board LED indicator of dit & dah
  •     Complete source code can be downloaded from here


  •     By default its selected with IAMBIC B mode
  •     To enable IAMBIC A mode, keep press DAH key while power ON
  •     To enable single handle key mode, Connect the key to DIT pin
  •     and keep press DIT key while power ON
  •     To change WPM, adjust the VR1, and restart to changes take effect
  •     To connect it to rig plug in streo pin into headphone jack (written "To Rig")
  •     Now the on board sine wave tone oscillator is disabled

Selling Price :

  •     Fully assembled and tested ATTiny13 Keyer INR.375/- (inclusive of postage)
  •     Programmed ATTiny13 chip and blank PCB INR.175/- (inclusive of postage)
  •     Contact No : +91 77 08 02 51 01
  •     email address vu3xvr at gmail dot com


  1. Nice Electronic Keyer !!
    I am using it with my ICOM IC-718.
    It sounds very pleasant to the ears.


  2. Where is the source code for Avr microcontroller& circuit diagram??