Thursday, January 5, 2017

VU3XVR Si5351 DDS VFO to Use BITX40

Click here for the video demo of sending CW using BITX (real carrier !!! not modified tone)


  1. Interesting, could this be done with the standard Raduino that comes with the Bitx 40, or is there additional circuitry here ?

    1. Hello Andrew, Thanks for the comment. Actually Raduino is running with Arduino code, Personally i dont prefer Arduino nowadays. So i port my code into AVR C language. Its a simple modification on existing line of codes. You may request it on BITX group.
      By the way, receiving CW on BITX is again depends on the bandwidth of ladder filter. My mod is just like, something is better than nothing !!!

  2. Very good, I liked it .
    Congratulations on the project.
    Oliveira PU2OLT
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