Saturday, January 7, 2017

VU3XVR Software Defined Radio SDR Using Si5351 DDS VFO and ATMega8 Microcontroller

This is a demonstration on Software Defined Radio Using Si5351 DDS VFO. Original designer is Burkard Kainka, Author of Elektor  SDR-2007. I Just modified VFO by using my own Si5351 based VFO, For more details please chek my blog vu3xvr dot blogspot dot in

Specification :

Frequency Range : 3 to 30 MHz
Mode  : AM - SSB - CW - DRM
Hardware Used :
Software Used : SDRadio by I2PHD available from this website

Thursday, January 5, 2017

VU3XVR Si5351 DDS VFO to Use BITX40

Click here for the video demo of sending CW using BITX (real carrier !!! not modified tone)